The FGM season is when girls and young women are taken during the summer holidays to Africa, ignorant that they are being taken to undergo FGM. Hawa Trust is ready to help young women and their families especially during this period.


The following are the areas we need support for us to be effective:


HELPLINE – We aim to set up a helpline for women and girls.

SOCIAL MEDIA – We need support to improve our presence on social media so as to target young people better.

YOUTH GROUP – Our youths need support and a space where they can speak without fear and discuss FGM and similar issues.

PARENT’S MEETINGS – Many parents do not know how to support or provide answers to their children. We need to empower them with knowledge and the confidence to take a stand against FGM. We also inform them that eliminating FGM does not violate African traditions.

CAPACITY BUILDING – Hawa Trust needs to develop its capacity in terms of training, policies, furniture, financial systems, and staff motivation.